Reforming the Milwaukee County House of  Correction

Milwaukee County operates Wisconsin’s largest jail, the House of Correction. As County Executive, I will work with our courts, correctional staff, and directly impacted community members to reduce the number of non-violent offenders who are incarcerated and ensure a safe and humane environment for staff and incarcerated people alike.  

For individuals convicted of minor, non-violent offenses, community-based solutions are often more effective than jail time. As County Executive, I will increase the number of House of Correction incarcerated individuals placed in less restrictive settings, including electronic monitoring or home confinement. 

For those who do need to be in the House of Correction, I will invest in educational programming and employment training for inmates serving sentences, providing them with the tools required to succeed when they return to our community. It’s also important to ensure that Milwaukee County and its contractors provide accountable, high-quality medical, dental, and mental health services to people detained in our facilities. 

My administration will honor our correctional professionals and the sacrifices they make to keep our community safe. I will ensure that the voices of front-line correctional staff are heard and respected.


Reforming Our Juvenile Justice System

Milwaukee County needs bold, reform-minded leadership to transform our juvenile justice system and keep our youth out of the prison pipeline. As a state legislator, I’ve built the partnerships needed to design and fund innovative programming that keeps at-risk youth out of the prison system and in our community.

I will create Milwaukee County’s first Community Task Force on Juvenile Justice, including youth outreach professionals and directly impacted community members, to provide accountability and resident oversight.

I will double down on Milwaukee County’s efforts to expand residential treatment services for youth involved in the criminal justice system and will work to speed up the timeline for bringing our youth home from the troubled Lincoln Hills prison in northern Wisconsin, to facilities in Milwaukee County that provide a safer and more humane environment.


Ensuring Accountability

As a lifelong resident of Milwaukee County, I know that we desperately need to rebuild trust between local law enforcement and the communities they serve. As County Executive, I will ensure that the public safety departments under my direct supervision, including the House of Correction and the Office of Emergency Management, are committed to transparency, accountability, and zero tolerance for misconduct and the abuse of power. 

I will ensure that appointees to oversight boards, including the Personnel Review Board, which handles discipline for employee misconduct cases, are independent, highly qualified, and committed to neutrality and transparency.

I will provide routine updates on county public safety operations to community organizations invested in criminal justice reform, including organizations led by directly impacted community members.

I will ensure that Milwaukee County employees on the front lines of public safety efforts are treated with respect. As County Executive, I will create regular and open dialogue with unions representing public safety employees, including the Milwaukee Deputy Sheriffs’ Association and AFSCME Council 32.