Drawing Fair Maps

Gerrymandering has no place in a democracy. As County Executive, I will work with the Legislature and the Governor to ensure fair and representative maps for the next decade in Wisconsin. However, even if our efforts are fair, as your County Executive, I promise to work with all elected officials across the entire political spectrum to ensure the needs of all people of Milwaukee County will be heard clearly in every political realm. Your voice will always be my voice. 


Making sure all residents are counted

The number of people counted in the 2020 census will have a direct impact on the amount of funding that Milwaukee County receives from the federal government. We will need to be very proactive and deliberate in how we approach next year’s census. The next County Executive will be elected just a few days after the Census begins, and making sure that every single Milwaukee County resident is counted must be a top priority. Each person counted equates to real dollars for our community for the next ten years and we cannot take this lightly.

As a State Representative, I have made the Census a top priority. I have authored multiple pieces of legislation, including a bill to direct state funding to ensure the most robust and accurate census count and a bill to correct the counting of inmates as citizens of the community where they are being housed and more accurately counting them in the community they are from and will return to.