A 72 County Strategy

It’s no secret that one of the biggest issues facing us is a lack of resources for the County. Even though we are sending close to a half-a-billion more to the State of Wisconsin than we were a decade ago, shared revenue coming back has remained nearly flat. To fix issues in Milwaukee County, it is essential that we focus on greater local control. With continued yearly budget shortfalls, it is imperative that here in Milwaukee County we are allowed to raise our own revenues to fix the issues that we face. To accomplish, we need to have a 72 county strategy. As your County Executive, I will build a strong coalition of shared interest with Wisconsin counties and municipalities to increase pressure on the state legislature for local control policies. What is good for Milwaukee County is good for all Wisconsin Counties.

Fighting for a 1% Sales Tax Increase

I fully support the sales tax increase that has been proposed, but we have to be realistic about the current situation in the Legislature. I am the only candidate in this race with a proven record of working with both political parties to get things done. This issue can’t be approached ideologically, and in contrast to the other candidates for County Executive, I’m a uniter and a bridge-builder. I’m a progressive who has passed more legislation in recent years than virtually any other Democrat in Madison.

Seeking Additional Resources

We have to get creative about how we generate more resources at the county level. When elected, I will establish a County office dedicated solely to seeking out grant funding and other resources that may be available to the County. This office will target federal, foundation, and state resources that other jurisdictions are effectively tapping, but which we are currently leaving on the table. You can already see what is possible in the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office where nearly half of their budget comes from sources outside their base county and state funding.