Funding our Parks system

Milwaukee County Parks face a tremendous backlog of unfunded maintenance that affects all aspects of the park system. I plan to partner with MMSD to rebuild park amenities and infrastructure to serve the dual purpose of bringing those park amenities back online while also helping control stormwater and flooding issues across the entire county. We will prioritize projects using a racial equity lens to ensure that we are rebuilding in underserved communities first.


Achieving Public Safety in All Our Parks

Everyone in Milwaukee County deserves to enjoy a park system free from violence and criminal activity. As County Executive, I will invest in innovative public safety solutions in all our parks, from Beckum Park in Milwaukee to Bender Park in Oak Creek.

I’ll work with resident organizations, the Parks Department, and the Sheriff’s Office to develop community-driven safety and patrol strategies for troubled parks. 

Under my leadership, the Milwaukee County Parks Department will employ Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) strategies to deter illegal activity in our parks, save taxpayer dollars by reducing vandalism, and make our trail system safer for cyclists, joggers, and walkers.


Making Use of Our Parks

We also must understand that a heavily utilized park is a safe park. As County Executive, I will partner with local school districts and nonprofits to expand the summertime athletic, educational, and recreational activities available to young people and senior citizens in the parks.